Mase's Killer Stack..

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  1. Cool Mase's Killer Stack..

    Alright so Its been a long time since i ran a PH and im happy to say im so thrilled to start tomm.. I have not been pre loading long, but im not to worried about it..

    So here is my stack...(Not to be used by newbs)

    CEL- M1,4add (60/90/90/90)
    Primordial- Turinabol (30/45/60/60)

    Just Ordered..
    CEL- Formestane
    CEL- P-Mag
    (will most likely throw that in the mix will arrive Tuesday)

    Anadraulic State

    Liver Assist
    Cycle Assist (pre load)

    NSI Cayenne Pepper
    NSI Fenugreek Seed
    NSI DIM Complex with BroccoSinolate
    NSI Milk Thistle

    HGHpro(Annabolic Innovations)
    UniLiver (universal nutrition)

    IsoPure Whey protein
    Finishing up my Casein protein as well

    Finishing up these bottles...
    Universal Flex
    Super Amino Acid 1.500 mg

    What do you all think!?

    I might throw in ArimaDex by GET
    Not to sure.. maybe towards the end of the cycle with the pct...

  2. Nice. This looks fun. So many fun stacks, i want one of each please.
    Subbed my man!!!



  3. Day one...

    just took Turinabol, not the greatest tasting compound!!! lol

  4. What is your pct? Also I think the 3 compounds are a little overkill...

  5. Agreed, 3 orals is just overkill.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  6. I tend to think the 3 orals is a bit much as well. But to each thier own. How will you be doing your PCT?

    At a minimum, get a SERM. If you can afford it, get the Primordial TRS as well. It is currently 20% off, (Add to cart to see new price)
    Just inject.

  7. yea i was thinking maybe the p-mag ill take that laterrr down the road.. prob goign to pick up eaither that primo trs.. or i get clomid

  8. i thought you were going to bridge the 2, but now i see your stacking the 2, sub'd for the ride mase, handle your bizness, my g.

  9. yea thought about bridging.. maybe ill bridge the P-mag ha

  10. well my journey starts next week, so for now i'll just follow along, lol, and meet you at the top, and take notes from you along the way

  11. haha thanks yea it should be interesting.. who knows were it will take me

  12. yea jsut bought the recovery stack through Primo

  13. great stuff, used it for my sd/1-t cycle, alot more expensive that just getting a serm, but it does it's job, did you add the tcf-1 to it, especially being that now they have bigger bottles?

  14. yea why not ha

  15. Day 3

    Great Pump at the gym went crazy, Did a sick back work out cant move my arms!

    right now im starving just took my M14 pill on an empty stomach prob not a good idea, but in the office so no choice...


  16. are you dosing these supps at the same time and why not just make it a six week run with the turinabol, for i've been reading it's during week 5 and 6 when you get the most out of the t-bol? just asking cause i been considering running the same stack.

  17. Holy stack!
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  18. im prob going to make it a 5 week stack.. we will see how it rolls

    I might bridge the P mag at the last week of m14 and turniabol

  19. I would of recomended using something like epi instead of the 4chloro version of the same compound.

    but you're already running it, so good luck.

  20. wait- would you bridge into pmag for only one week? I may have misread mind you
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  21. yea u mis-read.. as im finishing the M14 and Turinabol i would start the p mag and finish that bottle out.. but maybe ill pick up some epi as well ha

  22. what's goodie Mase, just checkin in to see how things are going, my bottle of p-plex just arrived, so i'm all set for the next run which would be sd/phera, i'm amped though to get things active with this turinabol/m1,4add, might just set things off tomorrow instead of waiting till monday. how has the strength increase been, and are you taking the t-bol and m1,4add together?

  23. yoyo yes im taking them together.. great pumpss!!

    Today i did shoulders, holy hell im hurting i think i messed up my rotator cuff last week, i was curling 70lb dumb bells cuz i had a hell of a pump and ever since, i cant really rotate it.. so today during shoulders, god damn i was in pain, couldn't really get a good work out in

  24. i know what you mean, i had a crazy strength increase when i was on a sd/1-t stack, and ran through that same shoulder pain messing with the dumbells one day and when i tried to do some push-ups after the dumbells lifts my left shoulder for some reason wasn't feeling right, and had to take a week off, and got some flax seed oil and things were good to go. this time around i bought Universals Animal Flex, so i don't run into that issue again. but yeah we gotta support those joints with their supps too,lol

  25. Ahh yes going on my 3rd week tomm, **** deff works, i Feel, look, notice bigger and stronger, Might throw my p-mag starting tomm


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