M1T and 4AD are kickin' my arse!

  1. M1T and 4AD are kickin' my arse!

    I began M1T oral solution on Fri night w/ a dose @ 12.5mg and kept that for Sat and Sun night. I also began the 4ADne(in a suspension) Fri night @ 75mgs, and also Sat and Sun night. I am so lethargic and can not eat. Should I cut the M1T and 4AD down?

    I'm not sure if I can compare sensitivity of hydrocodones and somas to PH's/PS's but when I had surgery on my back last yr the doc prescribed these and still does but I can't take them any longer. Both of them just kicked my ass. I had to take 1/2 a codone(even @ the 7.5mg which would be 3.7 something and still felt real messed up. Thanks for any help.

  2. hey bro i would say drop the m1t to 10mgs a day and up the 4ad to 150 mgs ed. Are you pinning the 4ad or are you running it oral? If you are taking it orally then you need to up it a whoooollllee lot because the oral conversion is crappy as all get out. I would personally take more 4ad and lower the dose on the m1t

  3. I'm pinning the 4AD.

  4. Cut the M1T down to 5 or 10mg like stated above.

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