IDS 17-hydroxy-mesterone

  1. Question IDS 17-hydroxy-mesterone

    anybody familiar with this supp or know of anyone who had taken it and care to share their thoughts on this product? thanks is it worth spending $30 on or would i be better off with some m-drol or something else?

  2. it's hard to tell what it is, ids was shady on writing their nomenclatures.

    but you can be sure of one thing, their ph products all had steroids in them, the fda shut them down for it.

    so you'll get a product that does what it claims, but you wont know really what it is.

    get a bottle of turinabol if you want to be safe.

  3. this is not a PH. Worthless from what I here....derived from a yam or something.
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  4. thanks fellas

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