How long to feel M1T/4-AD?

  1. How long to feel M1T/4-AD?

    Hello all,

    I just started a 4-AD/M1T cycle and have been on 1 gram of trans 4-AD for 1 week and 15mg of M1T for 3 days and I have yet to feel any different. No difference in energy levels, no strength gains, no change in body comp., no weight gain, etc. Not even my BP has gone up :'(

    I was just wondering when you guys who have done similar cycles started to feel the effects of M1T (and to a lesser extent, 4-AD)? Am I just not giving it enough time?


  2. The transdermal is going to take a while. That's the reason many suggest to front load it 1-2 weeks prior to dosing your M1T so it wards off certain sides. For me it takes about 10-14 days to tell it's working. As for the M1T, it usually takes me 5-7 days, then I experience the back cramping a couple of days later. Just be patient and it will kick in soon.

    Best of luck to ya.

  3. Ok i dont want to be a dick, but you have been on M1t for 3days and you are complaining that you cant "feel" it? Listen, M1t (and all aas) is not coke, you dont expect to feel it, yes alot of people report that they "feel" it but only because of the androgenic sides such as aggression, hypertension, and other sides, you dont really feel AAS..... give it time.... patience is one of the greatest virtues in bodybuilding.

  4. yeah I've been on M1t for a week now at 10mg and 4AD at 600mg and haven't noticed anything. I'm bumping up to either 15mg or 20mg in the M1t tomorrow. I'm doing a 4 week cycle.

  5. Slow down young one. Things aren't going to change overnight.

  6. Yeah, I know you can't "feel" AAS like you can a stimulator of the nervous system (coke) but there are certain effects which you most certainly can use to ascertain how effective it is (weight gain, strength gain, etc.).

    Main reason I posted this is b/c my roommate is doing the exact same cycle but w/o the 4-AD and is already gettign back cramping and some serious strength gains so I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong and/or my body does not respond well to M1T.

    Thanks for the quick responses all, I will just give it some more time and keep y'all posted on results.


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