Week 7 of cycle and snore like a chainsaw all the sudden.

  1. Week 7 of cycle and snore like a chainsaw all the sudden.

    Prior to my cycle that I am on now (500mg of sust and 400mg tren each week) the only time I ever snored was if I had worked extremely hard all day and was just exhausted. Now that I am week 7-8 of my cycle my wife wakes me up 2-3 times every night claiming that she can't go to sleep. I tell her that it isn't bothering me at all but she doesn't find it funny. I have resorted to sleeping on the couch lately. Why all the sudden the snoring? Could it be caused by the cycle?

  2. Wow exact same thing happening to me I'm in week six of test and eq.

  3. Im not sure if the snoring is coming from the cycle but try sleeping on your stomach,that works for me.

  4. -water retention localized around your neck can cause an increase in snoring.
    -androgens can cause you stress, whether you feel it or not, this stress can lead to snoring and/or restless sleep.
    -elevated test levels are known to cause an increase in snoring

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