Reversitol (Original) with Reduce XT on Hdrol PCT? Dosing?

  1. Question Reversitol (Original) with Reduce XT on Hdrol PCT? Dosing?

    For reversitol it says take 1-3 daily but im not shure how i should dose it for PCT. Also is Reduce XT needed for cortisol? I know reversitol is an all in one but i dont see it mention cortisol control. And i dont use cort control till week 3 of PCT right? Thank you! and btw i love this effin site i have learned so much since 2008 and FINALLY am ready for Hdrol and have hit my platau and ready to take it to the next level. Also one last thing, How do you guys feel about dhea during cycle for the lethargy from the Hdrol?? Havnt heard much on that topic

  2. Nobody? Is the original reversitol good? Thanks

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