So I got done with a month and a half cut about a week ago- no hormones just fat burners/diet....lost 12 lbs and strength decreased a little but not a lot.

I am now on epistane and 11 oxo- y plan originally for this was to do a lean bulk with about 375g's of carbs 250g's of protien and about 75 g's of good fat- but its summer time.....I dont want to put on fat

So I want to switch it to a cut

Several questions- Since I am on two anabolic agents what should my carb/protien intake look like? Traditionally when I cut w/out anabolics carbs are from 150-200 then a refeed day every 4-5 days. SHould I do like carbs 200 and re feed every four to five days....basically what should my diet look like? Like I said I am trying to shed fat while maintaining muslce.

Second question- I have been upping diet this last week and a half so I have been off the cut for that long- since I already tore my body up with the cut is it advisable to go on another month and a half long cut- even when using anabolics such as epi and 11 oxo- or will I loose muscle this way?

Finally I have never used a anabolic to cut- what should my pct calories look like? Do I jack them up- keep them the same- or eat at maintence?

Please and thank you