M1T / M1,4AD cycle (cutter)

  1. M1T / M1,4AD cycle (cutter)

    Hi gang...

    I'm a regular over at AU, and have been lurking over here looking for good PH cycles...I thought I'd go ahead and give it a try and see what the hype is about...

    Let me know what you think of this 6-week cycle:

    Week 1-6 = Methyl-1 Test: 20mg ED
    Week 1-6 = Methyl-1,4 ADD: 60mg ED

    Week 1-6 = Milk Thistle: 1000mg ED

    Post cycle therapy: 6-oxo 300mg ED 4weeks

    ECA, UCP-1 every day as usual...

    I'm actually going to use this cycle as a cutter, believe it or not, and I wonder if any of you had any luck with a M1T, M1,4ADD cycle during cutting.

    The M1,4AA is basically going to act like D-bol, which there is some studies to indicate that short, D-bol cycles for cutting actually work quite well...

    Obviously, my diet will be on -- that's 99% of the cutting game...

    I am a little worried about water retention. I do hold water a little anyway, and I am an easy gainer, so I think I'll do well off of this cycle, but I'll probably look like Billy Sardell at some point...

    In terms of mass retention, I'm thinking 15lb increase, with 10 lbs retained...thoughts? (Remember, I will be lowering my calorie intake, will still be lifting heavy, and upping cardio. I cut well that way, but still retain good mass.)

    I should probably go with M5AA since I do want to cut, but this is what I got, so...

    Thanks for the input...
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  2. If you're gonna run M1T and M1,4 I would DEFINITELY run nolva throughout. I've run labs while on M1T and 4AD-cyp/prop where my progesterone was pretty high (2.28 ng/ml yesterday, 1 day after stopping. Was 2.44 ng/ml last week), and M1,4 (Dbol) is known to cause bloat through conversion to Methyl-Estradiol, so that's a hefty gyno risk. Dosages look good to me. Note that you will still retain a lot of water while on, but you should still drop fat and that's a pretty potent combo to preserve muscle. Use at least 3g taurine/day to get rid of the back pumps/cramps. And use nolva for PCT www.customnutritionwarehouse.com, M1T shuts you down EXTREMELY hard, and 6-oxo alone will not cut it.

  3. I think the values proposed are too high unless you are a hardcore AAS user. Try starting with 10 and 30 instead.

    And no, this isn't a cutting stack.......try M4OHN instead for that.

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