Calorie intake while on Ph's?

  1. Calorie intake while on Ph's?

    I read a lot on how guys are taking 5-6000 calories a day while taking PH's. While i'll agree having a sufficient calorie base from carbs and protein is the building blocks of muscle building but is that a bit much unless you are already packed with muscle?

    Reason I am asking is because I am at about 215-220 and about eh 18% BF and on cycle right now of PH's. 300-350 grams of protein250-350 grams of carbs. total of about 3000 3500 calories a day. Working out between 2 and 3 hours a day 5 days a week I don't think I could burn much more than that unless I was taking up some serious cardio. Am i at the right amount or should I be taking in more calories like some of these other guys in the 5-6k range?

    Since i'm higher BF I want to keep a good balance of keeping my muscles in good condition and fed but not storing anything extra in fat.

  2. Feel free to move if it's in the wrong forum but I figured it would fit here since it's completely related to PH's. If i'm mistaken I am sorry.

  3. 1) 2-3 hours of training is too much, IMO you should first work on your routine
    2) Your cals should be between 20-25 per pound of bodyweight, this is something you'll have to experiment with.

  4. I should clarify that the 2-3 hours isn't a solid no break work out. I could do it in about 1.5 hours but I have a partner and sometimes neither one of us can shut the hell up in the gym

  5. The amount of calories you take in depends on your current goals (cutting/bulking), and also should depend on type and dose of PH. For instance if on M1T/4AD-cyp and bulking someone your size could get away with 5-6k calories and not gain too much fat and make huge increases in strength and size, and if cutting on the same cycle you could get away with around 2k calories and expect to keep your strength and muscle. This is assuming a clean diet. When I bulked in Dec/Jan with M1T and put away 6k+ calories a day and about 500g protein, I picked up a bit of fat but my strength and size increases were nothing short of phenominal for me.

  6. Thanks SS. Gonna up my Calories and see if that's the weak link in my plan.

  7. when figuring out my calorie intake (not for PH's, just diet in general), I calculate according to my lean body weight. Is it really appropriate to calculate based upon total weight? Thanks.


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