Opinions on my stack options (M1T, 1Test, 4AD)

  1. Cool Opinions on my stack options (M1T, 1Test, 4AD)

    What's up bros. I'm getting ready to start up a cycle on Monday, and I had a couple different ideas in mind for what to take. I stocked up a while ago and I still have several bottles of T-Bomb (1-test THP Ether), several bottles of Andro100Poppers (yes, the Pinnacle ones... I know, I know), and 1 bottle of Underground M1T. Now, I could buy different stuff, but I'd rather just take what I've got, unless there's a really good reason why I shouldn't.

    I guess a little bit about myself. I'm 25, 6'1", 185 lbs, and 9% BF. I just started working out consistently again about 3 weeks ago (4 days/week), cuz I've had a pretty rough last couple years. Everytime I started lifting again something would happen (broken back, broken finger, nose, shoulder pains, meningitis...) Now I'm finally healthy and feeling comfortable in the gym, but I'm trying to get back up to par with how I was a few years back. I was at 197, 6% BF, and (imo) in perfect shape.

    I've done several stacks in the past (though I haven't tried many new supplements), and gained EXTREMELY well with just oral 4-AD (400mgs) and with oral 4-AD (200mgs) & 19-nor (200mgs) stacked. I'm talking upwards of 20-30 lbs. in a 6-8 week cycle working out 6 days/week (I used to be REAL skinny). I'm sure making the adjustment to a proper diet had a lot to do with this too, and explains why I was so pencil-thin my whole life. But I can't help but feel slightly concerned to begin taking M1T. I spend about 2 hours a day at the front desk of my work, and don't know what coworkers would think or say if I ballooned up to like 200+ in two short weeks. Then again, maybe I'm just being overly cautious.

    The options I'm considering are as follows:

    weeks 1-2: 10mg M1T
    weeks 3-4: 300mg 1-test
    weeks 1-4: 600 mg 4-AD (Poppers)
    weeks 5-8: Nolva, 60, 40, 20, 20

    weeks 1-4: 300mg 1-test
    weeks 1-4: 600mg 4-AD (Poppers)
    weeks 5-8: Nolva, 40, 40, 20, 20
    (save the m1t for some other time)

    All this would be accompanied by 10g creatine ed, multi's, efa's, Pro Liver and tons of protein. Anything else I should add? Would you recommend I do things differently? Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  2. FYI, I chose to go with:

    weeks 1-4: 300mg 1-test
    weeks 1-4: 600mg 4-AD (Poppers)
    weeks 5-8: Nolva, 40, 40, 20, 20
    (save the m1t for some other time)

    Does that look ok for PCT? I've got some ZMA I'll be throwing in with it as well (not that I expect it to make much of a difference, just I've got a bunch left from a long time ago).
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  3. The PCT you suggest should be OK. You could also go 40, 30, 20, 10.

  4. I would give yourself at least a couple months of steady lifting before starting a cycle. Training 6 days a week is too much, no matter what you're on. I say get the diet & training back in order first. You will gain well while just getting back into it without androgens.

    It's a bad idea to stack M1t with 1-test, it just intensifies the 1-test sides. The lethargy is brutal. I agree with the 1-test/4ad combo for your current situation. You may need to up those dosages a little to get solid gains, as those products are not the most potent. I'd give it 2 weeks & increase if needed. I suggest making it a 6-weeker. 6 week cycles of non-methylated PHs are best IMO. The gains really don't come until week 3, if you only run 4 weeks, you'll be cutting it short.

    Nolva for PCT is good, but if it's liquid nolva- check out the new tamoxifen thread in this forum. It's recently been discovered that 20mg of liquid tamoxifen citrate only contains about 13.5mg tamoxifen, the rest is the citrate. While the tabs have 20mg tamoxifen with citrate added in addition. So to get 40mg out of liquid nolva, you really need to take 60mg worth.

  5. Thanks for the replies, bros.

    The thing with me lifting 6 days/week in the past was that I had been lifting 4-5 days on cycle with great gains, and decided to try out 6 days/week (each body part 2x/week) for my last stack - and my results were even better! I know our bodies need rest, but everyone's body works different, and for me I just felt great when I lifted that often, and I had drastic improvements over my shorter weeks. I'm dgfinitely not about to jump into this right now, I'm gonna stick with 4-5 days since I'm just getting back into the swing of things.

    Another side-note is that I'm trying to do this cycle as a small self-experiment. My back has been troubling me for the past 4 years or so, and the only time during that period that I had no pain what-so-ever was when I was lifting consistantly. So I'm playing doctor, and prescribing myself prohormones instead of the valiums, cyclobenzaprines, and toradols that have done nothing to fix the problem.

    I guess I'll do the M1T with 4AD next time around, and skip on the addition of 1-test. As I was saying though, I had REALLY good gains on just 400mg of the same 4-AD I'm taking now (from 157 to 188 lbs. my last stack!), so taking this much along with the 1-test, I think should work out fine. I can always take more later if I need it, I'm just going by the results I had in the past.

    As far as the Nolva, I did read the thread, I just hadn't checked back since it was updated with confirmation of hypo's theory. Thanks for your help, Longdog!

    So then Nolva: 60, 45, 30, 15 would work fine?

  6. Oh, and if I did decide to do 6 weeks, what would I be looking at for PCT with Nolva?

    90, 75, 60, 45, 30, 15?

    BTW, I made those numbers up, lol.

  7. You can use the same PCT for 6 weeks as you would for 4 weeks, no need to take nolva for 6 weeks. I would go with 60, 50, 40, 30 or something like that.

  8. Thanks Longdog, you're the man! I'll keep you all posted on my results.


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