Which version?

  1. Which version?

    Hi there, folks. What would be your choice to go with, regarding a decent PH? My background includes one very light 1-test cycle and a normal M1-T cycle which I had to stop because of my severe back pain. I'm looking for an alternative for some decent gains but I'm also hoping to avoid the back pain which was killing me.

    A few suggestions would be very much appreciated.


  2. Try a 1-test/4AD transdermal with a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio, and run it for 6 weeks. This type of cycle is tried and true. Back pain should not be a problem with a mild cycle like this. A couple of sides to look for is skin irritation from the dermal ingrediants, or allergic reaction to 1-test.

    Make sure your PCT is in order before you begin your cycle as well.

    Do some searching in the Prohormone and Cycle sections of this board and you can find tons of info on these cycles.

    Best of luck to you.

  3. I'd agree with Cuffs on a transdermal ; my favorite being the old T-1 Pro.
    I made good gains with it, kept the gains and never had a side from it , not even a minor skin irritation. I HATED the M1-T and wouldn't do it again if it were given to me free ... which it just about is now as I saw it somewhere for $10.00 a bottle.

    Anyway, I'd bet you'd be happy with a good transdermal. Go to Power Nutrition and see their ' Build Your Own Transdermal ' .

  4. Great! Sounds good to me. Thanks.

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