new guy on the forum...

  1. new guy on the forum...

    im new here and just wanted to introduce myself before i start away with the posts. im in the armor division in the army . and my name is rob .ive been liftin for a while and i need to do a cycle because of where in going within the next year. cant say cause its confidential but heres the thing i wanna do a d-bol cycle w/ sust now im not sure on how much of each i should take . im gonna be getting the oral d-bol but i think the sust is liquid not sure yet but if u guys can help in any way i really appreciate it .

  2. Gonna need a lot more info but you're probably better off taking a much more mild compound that will help with gains but not put anything on you that you're going to lose pretty quick (unless you will have access to a gym where you're at). Also, if you're going to a regular FOB in iraq/Afghanistan, i'm not too sure fluxuating wildly in weight/size/strength is a good idea since the new ASAP training revolves heavily around steroids nowadays... Just my 2 cents.

  3. well i do have a gym very near by but me being new and kinda not knowledgeable as most of this forum is ,whats a milder compound iyo cause i cant really find a company that will ship it here where im at thats why i was gonna go with this compound and try to deal with it .i appreciate you not being like google or some **** cause you were new at one point you know . any help is well thanked

  4. Milder=legal so any of the Ph's would and you would be better off. I'm not too sure on shipment policies though. I'm pretty sure many will ship to either of those places just double check before ordering.

    Just swing through the company forums since there are several products available and the last big PH I personally did was Epistane/Havoc so it's been a while.

  5. I think test for a first cycle is pretty mild. I would recommend test cyp (..or enanth) rather than sust though. Easier to keep blood levels stable.

  6. If he's military then that would be a risk I wouldn't be willing to take.

  7. thanks guys


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