fina and syno...

  1. fina and syno...

    Assuming a 10 week cycle of 150mg EOD test prop from syno with 6 weeks of 75mg EOD tren acet...would HCG be absolutely necessary? Obviously, the draw of this cycle is that everything can be purchased legally, HCG would seem to through a twist into the equation, as it is a perscibed drug. If HCG is absolutely necesary, is it difficult to get a script from my doctor? Thanks much

  2. Is it absolutely, is it a good idea to run it during...probably. There are a couple threads on running HCG at a lower dose through a cycle, do a quick search and you'll gain insight on the matter. As for a script, I suggest you do web search, I've heard there are companies out there that will actually mail you said product without seeing a doc!

  3. I would also run tren for at least 8 weeks. My experience with it is that it really kicks in around week 3 or 4 so a 6 week cycle is a little short, but that's just me. HCG is always a good idea especially when running tren, but it not absolutely necessary.

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