sust question

  1. sust question

    I'm planning on a fina / test cycle, my first two cycles were test only first susp, and the second with test prop, this time around the only thing I can seem to get my hand on is some sust, I would go with the prop again but I had a little trouble getting the powder and I don't wanna go through another syno conversion, too much of a pain,
    so on to the question dosage
    625 a week for the sust(this is where i'm unsure about I looked at a lot of articles and there seems to be a disparity in the dosage run) so my question really is what is a concrete figure on dosage(and would every third day inj, be the best course of action)
    and 75 eod fina still got the fina from an earlier conversion(I know this should be about right)
    hcg probably won't fool with it but if I happen upon some will through it in
    pct will probally be just nova, and some clomi

  2. sust once(1amp) every 3 days should work decent .

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