Insulin and OTC aas / ph's ???

  1. Insulin and OTC aas / ph's ???

    Im wondering if one the many experts around these parts can help me out... i used to love using insulin (well aware of the dangers) when i was on cycle... Now im wondering if insulin would have any negative reactions with products such as superdrol or epistane?

    insulin always made my steroids jump into awesome mode. My worry is with some of these designer roids having an impact on blood sugar levels.

    if anyone has some knowledge and/or experience with this it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. What insulin are you planning on using. I'm currently taking humalog and sd. There is alot of good info on insulin around but depending on what type and how your body reacts to it is the real question. Also insulin is only good for 28 days. Don't ever use old insulin.

  3. im wanting to use fast acting humalog as well. I just wanted to make sure these OTC priducts didnt add any inssues with insulin that i was unaware of. How are you finding the insulin / SD?

  4. I'm diabetic so it will affect you differently. Within an hour after leaving the gym my blood sugar gets really low, i have to eat like crazy to keep it in the safe zone. On workout days post workout i'll have to watch my sugar closely for several hours, typical meal would be a whole chicken a plate of steamed veggies and some form of carbs either macaroni salad or potatoes with 2 or 3 shakes. Thats on humalog alone. The SD seems to kill the apatite but it gives me wicked pumps. SD makes me thirsty too. This is my second run on SD found some multi vitamins that have energy boosters in them that took care of the lethargy PM me if you want to know the brand not sure I can post it here. Other than that it is a good combo, you'll enjoy it.

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