First Cycle Review, H-drol/Tren.

  1. First Cycle Review, H-drol/Tren.

    Hdrol at 50/50/50/50
    X-Tren at 90/90/90/90

    Cycle Support
    CEL's Cycle Assist

    Post Cycle Treatment
    Liver Assist XT
    AI's Post Cycle Support

    Could I get away without using liver assist xt in my pct but keep the other 3 items? I have no access to serms and I don't want to use online sites.

    It is my first cycle btw, I don't drink alcohol but had a spontaneous session on Friday due to a family celebration. Would it still be safe to start this cycle on the 2nd of June?


  2. For your first cycle, I would just run H-Drol, and bump it up to 75 the last week. Running 2 PH's your first cycle makes it difficult to guage problems that may occur. You wont be able to know whats doing what.



  3. Hmm, I'm really after some strength gains and a good recomp hence going for hdrol with the tren and not epi (I thought it'd be safer?) If I go solo what would be better for my needs for a 4 week cycle.. the epi or the hdrol?

  4. If youre after good strength gains, why are you running 4 weeks of compunds (Epi or H-drol) that dont even kick in till week 3???

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