M1t and M5aa cycle ,how much?

  1. M1t and M5aa cycle ,how much?

    I am wondering if these compounds are good to stack together, and whos doing it or done it?

    and how much and when get the best results.

    i hear alot of people taking m5 pre workout?
    is that the only time you take it or?

    thanks for any info

  2. blah blah blah - english translation - do a search.

  3. blah blah blah , translation........ .... ... ...... ......
    I know the huge ass discussion of whether to stack methyls or not to is ever so long and drawn out .
    let me clarify as I posted after i worked 12 hrs str8 so i wasn't all there.

    i am calling upon those ones that have stacked such substances and survived....

    and had bloodwork done

  4. you can take it as a pre workout sup or at higher doses ED if you're running it as a main focus in your cycle. I asked this same question and basically the response I got was to do the two weeks on/ 2 off/ 2 on with M1T (second stage higher dosed), and in the two weeks off use M5aa as your main substance ED. search my username and you'll find the thread.

  5. Something like 10mgs of m1t and 40mgs or so of m5aa would work well in my opinion. Again all oral cycles are not the best choice.



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