Libido Help!! (on cycle)

  1. Exclamation Libido Help!! (on cycle)

    What are the best oncycle additions (for a 19-nor/halo stack) I can add? Doseages?

    The last time I ran 18-nor my libido crashed. Hard. Or not so hard I should say..

    I am taking whole herb milk thistle, fish oil, Hawthorne, and an multi as other assists..


  2. 19-nor!!!! Damn iPhone typo!!!!!

  3. I heard restore is suppossed to help. Or you could pick up some cialis or Viagra just in case. I think they even have under the tounge ones that are suppossed to work in 15 min.
    Or run some test with it.

  4. i read that stacking cialis or viagra has long term implications. I'm 24 so I have no issues normally.

    I've seen threads that recommend things such as formestane. A product rep said he 'pulsed' a T-booster while on a cycle of Tren--every 5 days he'd take a double dose.

    Any feedback on these options? Other suggestions

  5. Injectable testosterone really is the best thing. Second best, I dunno, Sustain? That might help. I've never heard of any long-term implications with cialis/viagra.
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