H-Drol Cycle (CEL)

  1. H-Drol Cycle (CEL)

    I am interested in running my very first PH cycle with H-Drol by Competitive Edge Labs. I've done quite a bit of research over the past several weeks and the reason for which I have decided to experiment with H-Drol is due to its reputation in the bodybuilding community as being a more mild, yet highly effective PH and very suitable for newbies to the PH world.

    The advice given on proper PCT seems to be evenly divided. That is, many claim an OTC PCT is sufficient to run with H-Drol and many claim a SERM, such as Nolvadex, SHOULD be taken during PCT.

    That said, I would like to open this up to all of you and garner some feedback and advice. Is an OTC PCT protocol sufficient or would I be entering murky waters by not taking a SERM such as Nolvadex during PCT?

    I appreciate any and all feedback and just so you know, I'm 35 years-old and have been lifting hard and heavy for some time. Thank you in advance folks.

  2. with a compound like hdrol, i always recommend at least having a SERM on hand, just in case u MAY need it.

    and to add, u could probably buy 1,000 nolva or clomid tabs for the same price as an OTC PCT and the SERM will ALWAYS do what its supposed to....u really want to trust some possible OTC garbage?

  3. Some ppl will say have a SERM no matter what, others say only really needed with something real strong.

    Look around in the CEL section, (this one is anabolics) and you ll find lots of sh!t. Nolva or clomid would be smart but not 100% necessary, since your age is a bit older i would get it.

    Find a mail order spot outside the country, spend time researching to make sure its legit. I would just PM you but we cant do that around here.

    I would get 2 botttles cycle assist, liver assist, PCT assist, and Nolva or clomid. Than toss in a natural T booster and creatine. Ohh, make sure to get something for your joints during cycle and PCT.

    Run a 6wk, 50/75/75/75/75, start the cycle assist 2 wks pre cycle and use till PCT ends.

  4. Thanks for the reply gymrat, I appreciate the feedback. What I have in mind is CEL Cycle Assist (pre-load 2 weeks prior and continue during cycle). For PCT I have in mind CEL PCT Assist, CEL Suppress C (Cortisol Suppressant), Creatine AKG, L-Arginine AKG, and some Nat Test Boosters such as BioForge Pro Max and/or HyperTest.

    As you recommended, I am going to try to pick up a SERM like Nolvadex. I googled it and found a variety of "on-line" pharmacies, so to speak; all of which claimed to sell "generic" Nolvadex. The problem is I'm not sure how credible these pharmacies are and whether or not the "generic" Nolvadex they are selling is actually tamoxifen citrate (the active ingredient in Nolvadex).

    You mentioned I couldn't PM you, but what if I were to provide you my e-mail address????

  5. Thanks nosnmiveins. I understand what you are saying and agree with you. My dilemma is actually finding a reputable and credible supplier of Nolvadex. A google search yields plenty of results; however, I'm not too trusting of these on-line pharmacies that push these so-called "generic" versions of tamoxifen citrate. Any advice?

  6. Asking for a definitive answer on Serm or no serm for an H-drol stack is like opening a debate on who was the best baseball player ever. Its a question with no real right or wrong. On a PH scale of 1-10, H-drol is about a 2. I ran two cycles of it with an OTC PCT (total cost about $65) and loved it. Ive known people and read posts where lifters ran H-drol and did no PCT at all or ran it with just Formex as a PCT and been 100% fine (not recommended by the way!). H-drol is very mild, but as many point out, a SERM is the strongest form of recovery. Its up to you, and as far as cost goes, the prices on Inhibit-E and some of the test boosters are so low right now there is little price break when it comes to choosing between the two. Its like a beauty in the eye of the beholder thing. H-drol users who ran the PH with a Serm swear by and advise folks to use a Serm. Those who ran it with an OTC swear by that and advise accordingly. You can't really go wrong either way, and H-drol is a great beginner PH.

    tunedsports.com/designer-steroids/the-halodrol-h-drol-informative-bible/ is a great resource.

  7. Thanks Cowboy for your informative response. As I continue to conduct more research, I realize there are two evenly divided camps regarding whether to SERM or not to SERM. I guess it boils down to acknowledging that taking a SERM, whether it's needed or not for an H-Drol cycle, isn't going to hurt. My concern wasn't so much with taking a SERM, but rather determining from whom to purchase it as I imagine there is a lot of bunk SERM products out there.

  8. There are fake serms out there. Its also part of the equation in the Serm/no serm debate. With OTC, you know what youre getting, and you can find your products from any number of retailers. Finding a SERM supplier can be tricky, but many many have done so.


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