epistane, pheri plex log

  1. epistane, pheri plex log

    I'm very new to this forum, and this would be my first log if anyone is interested. I'll be doing a 45 day cycle of ASN's Methyl D 1 Test (epistane, Phera plex, AAKG, Uva Ursi, and Milk thistle). I'll be following up with HCG three weeks into the cycle, and liquid nolvedex to clean up.

    I expect this to be a fairly decent "get ready for summer" stack with some strength gains... not looking to get massive right now.

    Here's the thing...

    I train as a mixed martial artist with AZ Combat sports, who are known for their conditioning. And so, my lifting schedule isn't what it could be. Making my body put up with both would be insane, and probably lead to injury.

    If anyone is interested, I'll log anyways... though the results would be a little less scientific and measurable then they would be if I was straight pushing weights.

    Anyone down?

  2. pplex is a lot of water weight bro..so you will be getting more size than cuts or strength

    but do work, you will def see some sick gains bro

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