Tricks to drawing from an amp? Amp cutter?

  1. Tricks to drawing from an amp? Amp cutter?

    Anyone have some tricks up there sleeves on how to draw from a amp without getting air?

    Also, How exactly do I get the top off the amp? I was told by a member to ask here about where to get a amp cutter?

  2. google is ur friend for an "amp opener"

    draw up the all the oil + some air, turn the syringe upside down and flick the syringe to get the air toward the needle and just push it out of the syringe.....not complicated

  3. dude a bic pen cap is your best friend for amps... put it over the top bend the top of the amp off.. inject 1cc of air...slowly...very slowly watching that it doesnt over flow... then draw

  4. If the amps aren't prescored, using a nail file to etch a ring around the thinnest part of the neck helps.

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