Joint pain relief???

  1. Joint pain relief???

    Just finished my 3rd week of turinabol lv at 90mg a day. Weight has not gone up any. I am stronger and am leaning out on my shoulders and back but none around the waist which I hoped for. Overall very happy though. Sex drive is through the roof and feel really good, except for one thing. The past two days my joints, especially elbows, are killing me. ANy ideas to help this. I have started using cissus rx

  2. Get some Glucosamine (with MSM)!

  3. I'm starting a turinabol cycle tomorrow I'm taking cissus and animal flex to prevent joint pains. How long u cycleing for? it sounds like Your cycle is going well what can you say it's done for you as far as vascularity & muscle hardness? Sry I know is not an answer to your question but like I said I'm starting tomorrow I'm pretty excited.

  4. I have become very hard. Have had lots of compliments on this factor alone so it definitely works in that area. I am a little more vascular. I will probably run it for 6 weeks as long as everything continues smoothly

  5. That's great to hear! Our height and weight are very similar how long did it
    take for you to feel effects? And if you don't mind me asking what has it done for you as far as bf% goes? What's your pct look like? sry for asking somany questions I've just heard great things about AH and been so eager to start it. Tomorrow is the day! Ty and best of luck on the rest of your cycle.

  6. I am a little chunky, about 15-16% I am guessing, not had it checked. 5 use clomid and letro during pct. I did pick up a few bottles of tcf1 from pp that I will incorporate at some time, still undecided as to when. there would be no need to run it along side of clomid in my opinion, and at the same time dont want to risk not running the clomid. Still have a few weeks for some research

  7. anyone familiar with aflutop??

  8. Cissus is the way to go for the joint pain, however, if you are just starting to use it, I would dose it fairly high for a week or so and then taper off to maintenance.

    Why the letro in PCT for a turinabol cycle? Don't see that you really need something that strong.

  9. Fish oil oil.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Kookahdoo View Post
    Fish oil oil.
    at 10g a day its real good for joints IME.

    but I dont use fish oil anymore.

    For joint pain i get dymatize's joint repair supp $5 and drink about 2 gallons of water a day. the pain /discomfort is gone in about 2-3days tops
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  11. Are you talking about joint pain as in cartilage, ligaments or tendons? If you are like me, you're experiencing tendonitis. The only medication that helped me was Mobic, but it only masked the problem. The key for me is slowly warming up with lots of light weight and high reps and getting into a hot bath immediately after the workout. It would seem that ice would be best right after the workout but it caused worsening of the symptoms for me. It is odd that heat helped so much, but it did. Also, the heating pad didn't work, it was the water, perhaps from more contact area.

  12. 10 Grams of Omega's (fatty acid) and Cissus and you should be good as new

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Kookahdoo View Post
    Fish oil oil.
    My thoughts exactly.


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