Pre Workout Supplement with Max LMG in it

  1. Pre Workout Supplement with Max LMG in it

    I dont want to get banned for anything but I was wondering if I could use a product called Juiced by Double Dragon Pharmaceuticals. It has 35mg of Max LMG per scoop and also the other caffiene+creatine combo as with all pre-workouts supps.

    Would It be ok to use this product with my Halodrol cycle coming up? Or would that a bad idea? Thanks for any input.


  2. It seems a bit difficult to actually measure up what you get per serving considering that it is mixed powder.

    i.e. on one scoop you might get 5mg of lmg the next day you could get 60mg of lmg.

    catch my drift?

  3. Right,

    I have heard people 'stirring' their powders whenever they make homemade pre WO powders but could i do the same with this one? Or would that not work?

  4. max lmg and hd would be a good stack.

    take out the scooper, put on the lid, and shake it up, (thats how i mix up the powder in my pre w/o powder.

    or get a knife of something that wond break, and begin stirring.

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