What Am I Doing Wrong?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by n2bnbig
    ed injects....who you telling I am stasting a 6wk on 6wk off, 48 week cycle next week and it is all ed injects. even the off weeks have two shots a week for a cyp bridge and some of the on weeks will have three injects a day!!!!!

    Just got a shipment of 300pins...hope it lasts...
    I dont really understand what you are doing - but it sounds pretty stupid - no offence. Care to elaborate a bit?

  2. chad what you running for pct?

  3. i work at a gym so i can get my body fat checked offten. today im 221lbs @ 7.6% body fat. im takin in over 5000 cal a day and with the lettro im still ripped


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