Immune system and Mdrol?

  1. Immune system and Mdrol?

    I am in my third week of an Mdrol cycle (10/20/20-details can be found in my log in the "Cycle Info" forum) and I have now been experiencing flu-like symptoms for about 4 days. I rarely ever get sick, so I am wondering if this correlation between the Mdrol and the illness is causal in any way?

    My other question then, is should I finish out my final week (4 more days) or just wrap it up now and start my PCT?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. i think some would call this "test flu". where you can get sick from having too much test. someone please correct me if im wrong. really depends how sick you feel man. some people push through it cause they know it wont last for too long.

  3. when on a cycle of non aromatizeable steroids like mdrol, when I start to feel flu like symptoms, I just pick up a bottle of dhea 25mg per cap, and also some simply orange oj, and take two dhea caps e/d and use about a bottle of oj every 3 days. so i drink it with everything.

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