best bulking stack for beginners, experts advice

  1. best bulking stack for beginners, experts advice

    hello everybody, this is going to be my second cycle, but im gonna call it my first REAL cycle because my first cycle i did not have a PCT, i am 26 years old and am ready to start a bulking cycle that will gain me about 10 solid pounds after its all said and done, i am looking for suggestions on a good cycle, i am thinking dianabol or anadrol with test enanthate, run the dianabol/anadrol for 5 weeks and run enanthate for 10 weeks, i do wanna run deca with it, but it might be to costly, i also want to run hcg at 500 iu per week for my whole cycle, and then pct with clomid or nolvadex, does anybody have their own opinion here are my stats.
    height: 5 foot 11
    weight: 160
    age: 26
    % bf: 7
    bench max: 235
    squat max:315

  2. If I were you, since this is your first real cycle, maybe a test only cycle for 10-12 weeks. If you can get good results from that, there might not be a need to spend close to $500 for a D-Bol/Deca/Test cycle

  3. ok i can understand that, that is what i have heard, but i read that test only cycle is to see how u react to aas, and since i had no real problems the first time (which was a test only cycle) i thought i would add on to it, i doubt i will take deca, but i want to because i read it is very good at retaining good solid gains, and that is what i want, and the dianabol or anadrol to jumpstart the cycle because i dont want to wait for 5 weeks for the test to kick in, so u think i should just not use the deca and dbol, or would it be ok to just leave of the deca in your opinion?

  4. Can't go wrong with test and dbol so long as u use ai on cycle

  5. i have also researched ais, i am still not sure about them, i have read they r good to have on hand just in case, but i didnt use them last cycle and saw no bad sides, do they help retain gains?

  6. if you can get d-bol, go 30 mg weeks 1-4, and test twice a week, weeks 1-12. keep an AI in hand in case of gyno. make sure you have your pct before you start this.

  7. yes i know about pct now from the hard way, im thinking about using hcg on cycle to keep my test up, and i heard this makes a pct very easy, and im thinking clomid or nolvadex for the pct, any thoughts on if that is a good pct or not?


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