Advice for 2nd Cycle?

  1. Advice for 2nd Cycle?

    Advice for 2nd Cycle?

    I finished my very first ph cycle and my pct 10 weeks ago of H-Drol (1 week- 50mg 2-6 week 75) with cycle assist and others and for my pct I had inhibit- e, pct assist, and reduce xt.

    I started my lean bulk at 195 lbs (6'1") (23 y.o.) with a bench max at around 300 lbs and finished the cycle at around 365. So H-drol did the trick for me considering my strength and muscle growth.

    After my pct I lost a little bit of strength but overall I would say I kept much of my gains. However I was unhappy with the little fat loss that I experienced. I ate at about 3000 cals- 6 meals- at about 300 g protein/ 150 g carbs/ and >100 g fat. Also, I did moderate intensity cardio 3-4 times a week.

    With that being said its about time to hit up the ph's again and was wondering, this time around, what any advice I can get for a 2nd cycle
    - What PH (s)? (preferably no serm needed- if so its OK)
    -Preferably, similar to H-drol but more fat loss capable. (
    -Any other advice or experiences similar to mine that you suggest would be greatly appreciated.

    ~ thanks

  2. Can I recommend an AAS cycle?

  3. I think Epistane would be appropriate for your goals. But remember, it's all diet dependent.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Tyler3295 View Post
    Can I recommend an AAS cycle?
    I'm in Texas too so maybe in few years I'll give you a hollar.

    Quote Originally Posted by appleyard View Post
    I think Epistane would be appropriate for your goals. But remember, it's all diet dependent.

    However, I think a E-stane and/or P-stanz stack for 4-5 weeks would do me good. Does anyone have experience in this stack/ is serm really necessary?

  5. better off with a serm. u keep more gains and its a lot better than any otc pct. and ur going to be stacking 2 products which will give you good gains, but hard to keep them.

  6. any other suggestions guys?

  7. never tried it, but furuza-a is supposed to be good for fat loss/cutting.

  8. Im starting a hdrol/11 sterone stack I have read that they are good for cutting fat I believe the 11 sterone is the one that will cause the most fat loss though. But Im not expecting them to do all the work for me I plan on cutting calories by 500-700 a day and also 30 minutes of cardio 5-7 days a week.


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