m5aa and my hair

  1. m5aa and my hair

    Just curious how hard this stuff is on your hair? i am abotu to place an order from www.wholesalehairproducts.com what woudl you recomend, fi it's even necessary?

  2. I started a thread awhile back on this

    M5AA/hair loss experiences?

    In theory since this converts to methyl-DHT (From designer supp website) it should be pretty androgenic. However, feedback from users, while limited, seems to suggest that with proper precautions it may be possible to take without hairloss. (Sledge does give a possible explanation which I quoted in the previos thread.) Run a search on bb.com on hair loss and there is a good thread.

    Dont be surprised if someone flat out mocks you for being worried about hair loss and thinking about taking M5aa.

  3. this **** made my hair fall out like no other. but i love it - my preciouse

  4. Go with topical Spiro, that should block any extra DHT at the scalp.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by goldylight
    this **** made my hair fall out like no other. but i love it - my preciouse
    did you use spiro or any other precautions? Just wondering...

  6. nah - that **** is for pussies..........


    I just use nizoral year round. I am married - dont care much. Plus i have my secret sauce that is growing my hair back.

  7. its not a secret its igf

  8. wait wait wait, igf grows hair back????????

  9. there you go dick - starting a hair frenzy.....

  10. oh man, now you guys got me curious, but i can't find much more info please help me

  11. The faq and stickies have some info there.

  12. My hair is good and I love the boost and pumps I get from M5AA - is all good.
    No spiro for me, no need.


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