Hemadrol/propadrol stack!!

  1. Arrow Hemadrol/propadrol stack!!

    Ok as of coming June first I'm going to be doing this stack ..Also I am going to stack this with the swole stack and the getupandgo stack.

    And basically going to be following instruction on each supplaments.

    Additional supplaments are creatine and protien .

    I am on a high protien mid kind of low carb diet .

    Weight : 195lbs
    Height : 5"9

    current standings:
    Bench press 225lbs my last set
    incline 155 my last set
    flys 50 last set
    scull crushes is 70 last set
    tricep rope pull Down 120 last set
    barbell curls 80 last set
    incline curls 35 last set
    hammers 45 last set
    lat pull down 140 last set
    row 140 last set
    military press 110 last set
    squats at 245 last set
    and etc..
    But before I do I have some unanswered questions.

    A) do I need a support or pct for this ..?

    B) should I start with swole and after a week add getupandgo and after a week add hemadrol/propadrol stack..?

    C) anything else I should add to this for better results.?

    Thanks .. Looking forward to hearing opinions...

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  3. anything ...anyone??

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  5. Bench press 240lbs my last set
    incline 200 my last set
    flys 65 last set
    scull crushes is 120 last set
    tricep rope pull Down 160 last set
    barbell curls 125 last set
    incline curls 45 last set
    hammers 65 last set
    lat pull down 190 last set
    row 212 last set
    military press 175 last set
    squats at 405 last set

    serious increases but now after 2 months of after cycle little flare up in my niples nothing like gyno i dont think .. but any ideas how to get rid

  6. Run some letro followed by nolva so there aren't any rebound flareups

  7. do i need any liver support for this or na just letro ..


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