Another first cycle thread - opinions?

  1. Another first cycle thread - opinions?

    I know, another first cycle thread. I figured if/when I go to the darkside, this is what it'd look like.

    Test Enth 500mg/week
    12 to 14 weeks
    HCG 500iu twice a week

    PCT would be the standard:
    40mg Nolva (2 weeks)
    20mg Nolva (2 weeks)
    (this would start 2 weeks after my last shot of Test.)

    I would have enough nolva on hand incase I needed it during cycle.

    Now if I were to go this route, I would do HCG from weeks 4-12 (or 14 depending on how long I go) would this be correct? I know some people start on the second week, but unless I use something to jumpstart my cycle like Fina or M1T or something, I didn't think it'd make a big deal since enth takes a while to act. Am I right with this thought process?

    So what are peoples opinion? This isn't like it's in the works or anything, just thinking things through if I ever decided to do it.

    For reference, my stats are:

    Age: 21 - I wouldn't start a cycle until I was at least 22 in a few months. Would need some time to acquire everything.
    Height/Weight - 6'6/280
    PH Experience - one M1T cycle. a few 1T/4AD cycles. I also took all that TERRIBLE ass andro **** that was popular with Mcgwire in the late 90s when I was entirely too young. That's what happens when you're young and dumb, and you have some ******* pushing **** on you saying it will make you huge, in order to get themselves a commission.
    BF - 16% give or take

  2. Looks like you have been doing your homework. The HCG may be optional here as this is a test only cycle and not that suppressive (really would depend on the individual). If you want to run it I would run 250iu 2X week instead of 500. And running it for the last half of your cycle would be fine. But for the record your suppression starts the first week your on. While the test e takes 4 to 5 weeks to build up to your dosage it only takes a little test to be suppressive.

    This is JMO but at 280 you could run 600mg to 700mg a week for a first cycle. That probably is not the gen consences though as 500 is almost always recomend. It just that I am around your size and never noticed much from test til that range. But everone will be differnt

  3. When I ran test only, I didn't use HCG, and I recovered fine. But if you were worried about it, it won't hurt to use it.

    But most use it for long cycles or test/fina or test/ deca where the shut down is really bad.

    But like sky said, it looks as if you did your homework, which most people never bother to do.

  4. Thanks guys.

    I knew the HCG could go either way, since it would only be a Test cycle. My thoughts were you can never be too cautious, though a good point was raised to me by HeavyBomber that on your first cycle, you may not want to run HCG, just so you can learn how your body reacts to the AAS in your system.

    To me that makes sense, but if I could get the HCG without being royally ripped off, I would do it I think.

  5. I agree with HB, I ran test alone to find out how my body would react. I ran test/winny after that, and liked it better. But I am glad I ran test by itself the first time.



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