Tren/D-Bol/Test C Cycle Opinions

  1. Tren/D-Bol/Test C Cycle Opinions

    I've been researching a new cycle to start savings for and have been doing some research on a good lean bulk cycle. Tren is the only product in the cycle I haven't used and I was hoping someone could inform me on the proper way to cycle it. When I ran my last D-Bol/Test C cycle, I ran 30-40 mg D-Bol and Test C twice a week. My PCT would involve HCG and Nolva. I have seen people getting good results from this and I want opinions. Thanks.

  2. Tren e or tren ace?

    I would run tren ace as a first try with tren. This way if the sides are too bad to handle, you can drop it quicker.

    How many cycles have you done total? Tren can be pretty harsh to some people. I wouldn't recommend using it until at least 3-4 successful cycles were under your belt..

  3. Agree with above poster. Tren can impart sides that will last a lifetime.. While it is a sweet drug for many, its not for all. Whatever u do, make sure u use acetate 1st time around!!!

  4. this would be my 5th, but i think im gonna hold off for a while. thanx for the advice.

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