Why do I feel Like S*** on D-Bol?

  1. Why do I feel Like S*** on D-Bol?

    I just started my cycle on Saturday and I've never used d-bol before. I'm taking 35mg ED, Test E 600mg wk and Deca 300mg wk. The d-bol is making feel achy and tired, I thought it was supposed to make you feel good? Anyone with similar sides?


  2. This your first cycle? if it is that might be a little too much dbol. giving some stats would help. the other is what brand is it and so on. you could have overdosed tabs or the like.

  3. No, it's not my first cycle, I've done two before over the last two years, but only test prop and tren. I'm 185lbs and I'm using the Loffelor 25 mg reforvit simple tabs. I know they are legit, but maybe I just don't react well to dbol.

  4. Maybe. You might try just taking half a pil twice a day or 1/4 pill 4 times a day and see if that helps. I love dbol but it does make you a little tired (not really a bad thin, you need the sleep) but never had it make me acky, gave me some bad pumps but nothing like what your discribing.

  5. Thanks for the input Skye, but now that I think of it, my flu like symptoms are probably from the test. It's QV and I remember getting roid-flu from their prop last year. Luckily it only lasted until the second shot and went away. Hope thats the same situation now.

  6. when i was on Dbol, I had that euphoric high of being "on", but It also made me achy and much much more lethargic than 1-test, so I guess I got the best of both worlds

  7. I feel much like what jarconis described. I have been having pains in my delts and lower back at times. I thought it was because of all the heavy lifting I have been doing.

  8. D-bol used to get me the xxplosive sh*ts!, I used to scream everytime I hit the toilet, it was about 12 times a day... I was soo happy when I ran outta pills! :-P


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