Halo test 25 dosage and when to take them?

  1. Halo test 25????

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to these forums, I'm 25yrs old. I've been working out the past 5 - 6 yrs and then i stopped for about 2 yrs due to a ****ty relationship lol. Currently i've been working out for the past year or so. I've been taking No xplode and cell mass and ester based bcaa's but i felt that i need a bit more edge added to my work outs. In the past I've taken super test 250 and dianabol injectables, and gained ridiculous ammounts of mass but i was not to fond of the water retention. I decided to try my luck with pro hormones, so i researched and researched and what i found was the best candidate for my next cycle was halo test 25. After reseaching further i decided to purchase 2 bottles. I also bought anabolic innovations cycle support. So basically i have everything needed except for pct which i plan to get next time i take a drive to mexico My diet is quite on par, I've been eating loads of protein and some carbs but i've completely given up on anything that is fried ohh and i work out 4 times a week, not including cardio.
    I am completely lost with when to take halo test 25, i found this schedule online and i figured this will give me the result i desire.
    This is how i plan on taking halo test 25 please let me know if i have down correctly.
    week 1: two pills per day.
    week 2: two pills per day.
    week 3: three pills per day.
    week 4: three pills per day.
    week 5: three pills per day.
    week 5: four pills per day.

    Yesterday was my first day, i took two pills about an hour and half before working out and i noticed more boost or energy could of been the no xplode, to early to say. Anyhow i am not sure when to take these pills should i take them in the morning all at once or right before i work out? how long does it take for it to become active in your system? also once i am on week 3 or week 5 do i still continue taking all the pills at once or should i space them out. I understand on the bottle label it says to take one in the morning and then another later through the day, but my main concern is when i start raising the dosage to 3 pills per day then to 4 per day as the dosage is raised. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated thanks in advance
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  3. Halo-test is my first Ph and I'm currently still on it, I'm on week 5.
    Since you didn't have pct on hand before you started I would get on that asap if I were you.

    I would drop NO explode while on cycle cause it could raise you bp. Also Halo-test has a half life of 8-10 hours so dosage that pills within that time frame 8-10. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get into your system, so I take it 1 hour before my workout.

    My cycle is like yours.

    Its been pretty good first cycle with few sides, on my first two weeks I had chest acne which I never get,about 5-7 zits,and a few backne. But it was only those weeks and it cleared up. My libido is still up but about 90 %. And on week 3 the back pumps started so I took taurine and ate bananas and it went away.

    My pct is
    serm-tamixofen citrate,recycle, and lean xtreme, and throughout the cycle i have been taking cycle support and other supporting supp.

    I'm 5'7 and was 14% bf and started at 185 while preloading the cycle support for two weeks before the cycle and at the beginning of the cycle I drop to 175 bf ??? but I'm on week 5 and I'm 182 bf 13%. Just to give you an idea.

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