Animal Test and drug test???

  1. Animal Test and drug test???

    Good afternoon, I am active duty Military and was wondering if Animal Test would cause me to pop positive for a drug test. I am also applying to a number of police jobs and will most def. be taking a drug test. If anyone have more insight into the ingredients in this product it would be greatly appritiated. Thank you

  2. is this the original Animal Test? like is this an old can or a newly realized product? I know the older version was i think 1-T, which can cause positive test results. there was a tennis player a couple years back who was actually taking animal pak and tested positive because it was packaged on the same assembly line as Animal Test

  3. it is the red can. 1-t, should i look to see if that is on the label?? if so is that what will cause a positive results?? and do these agencies have to test for the stuff or will it come up in any testing?? sorry im new to the whole suppliment stuff and trying to make gains while staying legal. I want something that will allow me to grow and help me workout but at the same time i need somehting that will not hinder my future career dicisions. Thanks again!

  4. im pretty sure it says on the back of the can that it may cause positve results in some testing orgs.

    It also says to ask the org. about the ingredients before getting tested so you know if it will come up or not.

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