first time: M1T cycle help

  1. first time: M1T cycle help

    hey guys, i have been lifting for a few years now and am considering going on an M1T cycle for 4 weeks at 10 mgs a day. So if you could help me with these questions i would really appreciate it, because i don't want to start until i know 100% about what i am doing.

    1. If i take 10 mg of M1t a day; what dosage should i use for liquinolva? SHould i use liquinolva? if not what else should i use?

    2. As a first time user what kind of results should i expect?

    3. Diet wise i read a few threads which suggested i eat less but more frequently, like every two hours 6 times a day, good idea? should i alter any other habits?

    4. Should i take anything else in conjunction with the m1t? maybe stack something with it? And should i be taking milk thistle, or anything else?

    I am 22, 173 lbs, first cycle

    Thanks a lot for your help.
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  2. My question is why does your profile say that you're 20y/o and you say that you are 22? What's the deal?

  3. i am 22, made a profile mistake when i flew through making it. I wouldn't be that stupid to make that mistake if i was actually lieing about it lol

  4. 1. As a first time user, I recommend not using M 1-T. Stick to something like a 1-Test/4-AD transdermal. You will get good results and minimize the likelihood of negative sides. You can get fancy later.
    2. Varies.
    3. Six meals a day is basic to bodybuilding. With a question like that, you might want to get your diet squared up before considering anabolics. If you have not read it, get a copy of Body-for-LIFE by Bill Phillips. He covers diet and other related topics very well.
    4. You did not mention your PCT. I would get that decided (and purchased) first.

    Other supplements that have nothing to do with PCT, but would be helpful include NAC, Milk Thistle, Hawthorne Berry, Saw Palmetto, and Co-Q10.

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