Dbol,test e, deca 12 weeker

  1. Dbol,test e, deca 12 weeker

    hey everyone. Planning on doing a 12 week long cycle kicked off by sum good ol' Dbol. Heeres wut im thinkin.

    week 1: 20mg Dbol, 300 mg deca, 300mg test e.
    week2-4: 30mg Dbol, Deca and test remain the same
    week5: 40mg Dbol, deca and test same.
    weeks 6-10: 300mg deca 300mg test e. (so the same)
    weeks:11-12: test e 300mg.

    and if i understand everything correctly, im supposed to wait 2 weeks? after my last shot of test to start my pct.
    which im still not 100% sure about.
    but i was thinking a nolva/clomid/hcg combo
    any and all input or suggestions are welcome.

    check the stats on the side
    <-- if interested.

  2. 300mg test-e is too low... 20mg dbol is too low, unless your highly sensitive to it. Raise test-e to at least 500mg and dbol to at least 30mg. Start PCT 2 weeks after last shot is correct. If your gonna take HCG, take it during your cycle, not for PCT 250-500iu HCG E5D.. Then you'll be great with a clomid only PCT.

  3. Question

    hcg ON cycle? i thought it was to make muh biscuits get back to normal AFTER the cycle

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mikey9305 View Post
    hcg ON cycle? i thought it was to make muh biscuits get back to normal AFTER the cycle
    You take it on cycle to retain testicle size, so when you get off cycle, they'll produce test a lot faster because they'll be ready to receive and utilize LH. Do not take it during PCT as you want to resume normal LH production..

  5. Run test higher.
    Use HCG while on cycle.
    Run Deca for 12 weeks and the test 1 additional week (or at least 1 week longer than the deca)

  6. test at least 500mgs, and dbol for 5 weeks at 30mgs...and get ur hands on clomid and nolva and u should be fine

  7. I would say, if this is your first cycle. Drop the deca, up the test-e to 400mg, 25-30mg of dbol for the first month is fine.

    HcG subQ injections starting about two weeks in. AI especially during the Dbol phase of your cycle, thinking at least Ariomdex .5 eod.

    Should be good!. PCT starts 2 weeks after last injection. nolva 40/30/20/10 clomid 50/50/50/50 or whatever the hell you are comfortable with thats in a reasonable range. !


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