Review/log - low dose short SD-LV cycle results...

  1. Review/log - low dose short SD-LV cycle results...

    I'm a week and a couple days into running SD-LV @ 10mg/day. My goals/plans/thoughts on the cycle are listed below.

    1 - I rarely post (how many posts really have anything interesting to say, anyhow), but I've read quite a bit on here/elsewhere about the possible merits behind a shorter, low-dose cycle of SD. Due to it's potency, one would hope for some decent results while minimizing sides with a 10mg/day strategy. Some argue for a 5mg/day cycle, but I tend to weigh between 220-240 depending on how cut I am, so I'm going with 10mg (1ml SD-LV).

    2 - I wanted to gauge the results and sides from the dosage above, just for kicks. Could I gain with a low dose, 2 week cycle on SD? Would there be sides? Can I get away with OTC PCT?

    3 - It's easier for me to do 2 weeks of total perfection with diet, intensity, sleep, abstaining from alcohol (spring BBQ's! Patio bars!) and everything than on a longer cycle.

    4 - I want to minimize downtime. After this cycle, PCT (if needed), and some hard cutting, I want to try out the bottle of turinabol-lv I have, or maybe run an epi cycle for 3/4 weeks. I don't want massive downtime from a harsh 4 week 20-30mg cycle of SD plus another few weeks of nolva where my body is beat to hell and hormones are out of whack. Ideally, there won't be any/much shutdown from 10 mg's in one AM dose each day.

    So there's my thoughts. Here's what I've been up to:

    I'm sticking with a single, 10 mg/1ml dose, first thing in the AM, taken with my morning protein shake. The idea is to have SD in my system for a decent part of the day, but not to have 2/3 doses and SD in my system 24 hours a day, which could lead to shutdown more than the 1 dose, and therefore having SD in the system for 8-12 hours only.

    Preloaded milk thistle/NAC 1.5 weeks before first dose of SD.
    Running milk thistle/NAC/multi/EFA's/CoQ10 throughout
    300g protein per day
    Averaging around 3500-4000 calories/day on cycle
    100mg caffeine or 1/2 dose NO explode Pre workout
    25g whey preworkout
    50g whey/50g carbs postworkout
    Syntha 6 or muscle milk or a protein meal before bed
    Full night's sleep (no alarm used 6 days/week)
    cardio 2x/week
    About 1 gal of water/day

    PCT plan is just to stick with Post Cycle Support for a week or two and judge based on how I feel. I have nolva ready, but I don't feel a SERM is going to be needed.

    That's pretty well it. Results/thoughts so far ------

    I'm up 5 lbs, and I think a few more is possible before I end the cycle next week. I'm happy with this. I'm sure some is water, so I'll see how much I retain post cycle.

    I have NO sides to speak off. No back pumps, no lethargy, nothing whatsoever.

    Last week, there wasn't much to speak of with getting a better pump in the gym or anything. Intensity felt pretty good, maybe a little better than normal. This week the pumps are definetly noticeably better than normal. Feels good.

    Crazy thirsty throughout the cycle. This is good as it helps me keep the water intake up where i want it tobe.

    Strength gains - not as much as I'd hoped, based on SD's reputation for great strength gains. I've maybe added 5-10 lbs to most lifts over the past week. I was using incline bench as my main guide. Last week was 225x8, this week was 235x7. Not bad, we'll see how this continues.

    I do LOOK harder, judging by the mirror. I'm pretty sure it isn't just all in my head - but I swear I look more swole at the gym, when pumped, moreso than off-cycle. However, I don't look noticeably more cut or more soft, which probably means calories are at the right point, considering the weight gain, and the fact that my calories are a bit over my 'maintenance' level of calories.

    Considering the complete lack of sides, and that I feel entirely the same as I do off-cycle, I highly doubt a SERM will be required after another 5 days of SD-LV. I plan to stick with PCS for a 2 weeks. Nolva's ready to go, but I don't plan on using it. sides, 5+lbs gains, no shutdown felt, and a quick, easy, OTC pct? I think I'm satisfied. As long as I see more strength gains before I quit the cycle, I'll be VERY happy with this little experiment.

    I'll update more as I progress. Enjoy.

  2. interested to see how PCT goes

  3. Strength gains continuing nicely. Hit inclines again. 245x7 today. No more weight gains though.

  4. Hit the gym again today, weight gain still holding steady at 4-5lbs total gain.

    Pretty good day as far as strength gains. Last week was 185x8 on shoulder press, today was 195x8. 10-20 lb increases seem to be the rule this week.

    Still absolutely zero on sides. Cycle ends on Sunday.

    I've been going pretty heavy on calories, even some very fatty pizza or restaurant food this week, but the scale isn't budging. Interesting...

  5. 3 days into PCT, which as mentioned is all OTC, just running PCS.

    I ended the cycle gaining exactly 7 lbs. Excellent gains for 2 weeks. Pretty consistent 20lb gains on most movements by the end of the cycle. Happy with that, as well.

    Currently, no odd effects on energy levels, moods, whatever. Feel as normal now as I did while on SD. PCT should be a breeze.

    The one negative effect I did have was I really was not sleeping well on SD. Could be stress, or the increased soreness (this does affect my sleep sometimes) from working out so hard/often.

    That's it. Still keeping calories high, protein high, and training hard. I don't imagine losing much/any of the gains.

    There doesn't seem to be much/any interest in this thread (odd, I thought there was a lot of interest in this type of cycle), so I won't bother keeping it running any more - but for anybody curious - a short/lower dose cycle is a great way to use SD! You can still get solid gains with the low dose, and (at least for me) sides are very minimal.



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