Test E/Deca Cycle

  1. Test E/Deca Cycle

    Am I missing anything? Because I post threads and barely get 2 or 3 replies...

    I want you guys to suggest/critique my cycle here.

    week 1-10 Test E 300 mg/Deca 300 mg pinned on Monday
    Test E 300 mg/Deca 150 mg pinned on Thursday

    Always after the gym at night...

    Tamoxifen Citrate starting right after finishing my cycle

    I need the Deca cuz I have a bad elbow, and I'm upping the Test to avoid Deca D***

  2. looks fine

  3. Thanks NOS...a guy told me at the gym to not run the 150 mg
    Deca on Thursday, he claims that 300 mg a week should be good for my bad elbow

  4. yo google, beginner/intermidiate cycles and use one of those, I wouldnt waste your time asking people what you should do, beginner cycles are pretty basic, you should be learning how to pin correctly and safely. And dieting is huge too

  5. Quote Originally Posted by nsmoney1 View Post
    And dieting is huge too
    its more important than the cycle

  6. eggs, peanut butter sandwiches, chicken.. I eat that ish like its going out of style.

    up your cals big time bro

  7. 600 test E and 450 deca is a pretty strong cycle. I would agree with the guy who proposed 300 only for the deca to avoid progesterogenic sides. 450 is a hell of a lot. BTW youre not putting more than 2mL in per shot right?...big volume can cause problems.

  8. TestEinstein, I just did one shot last night. 1 ml of Test and 1 ml of Deca. That's the most I'd go per shot. And you are right, I should probably keep the deca at 300 mg and maybe go 450 mg or 600 mg on the Test.

    nsmoney1, forums are for people to share their knowledge about something...for rookies and non-rookies. Guess where you'd land when you do your google search...a forum.


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