1. Raloxifene and/or Nolva

    Was just curiously browsing through some post on gyno and the studies done with Tamoxifen (Nolva) and Raloxifene. Everyone knows the importance of Nolva here for PCT and helping with gyno but I also saw someone asking about getting the Raloxifene and had no idea where and couldnt find it. (legally)

    Well I wanted to give a heads up that I found a place for Raloxifene and pretty damn cheap. I had been using Nolva for 3 weeks myself to help with the a possible gyno sighting so this find has intriqued me and probably will get some and see if the combination of both is even better.

    Here is the link: http://www.drugs-market.com/without_...e~BONMAX.shtml

    Its listed as 28 60mg tabs of Raloxifene for about 30 bucks which for what i have seen on the net where there are prescriptions of this stuff is damn cheap. Not real sure on the dosing compared to nolva, like if one 60mg tab would be enough or comparable to taking 40mg of nolva or something. Let me know what you guys think.
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  2. That link goes to some other site... the evista is actually $30.50 for 30 tabs, and the other brand is 30.50 for 28 tabs... The evista is out of stock...

    thanks... did you try the site?

  3. yeh i realized it goes to the other site and see the evista is out of stock which sucks cuz thats a great price and easy to get obvously. What was the other brand you saw for 30.50 that wasnt out of stock. If thats the same thing then I would go for that

  4. bonmax

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