About to run my first cycle

  1. About to run my first cycle

    Hey guys
    I'm fairly familiar with the anabolic world. However it is super hard to get a source where I live so i've never ran a cycle before. To make a long story short I finally got a source and i'm looking to start my cycle in about 3 weeks. I have a couple questions for you veterans. My source keeps bringing up boldabol (EQ) and i'm just sure about it.

    I've heard some of the sides from that **** is raunchy. Right now I would be looking at running boldabol with some test 250 or 400 with some nolva last 4 weeks and clomid pct. I'm looking at a 10 week cycle with my diet being 50/30/20 proteins carbs fats. cardio 3-4 times a week at a low to moderate intensity. calorie intake CLEAN 3000 calories. Would any of you veterans run that as your first cycle? I'm leaning more towards running d-bol with test cypionate as that seems to be a good entrance into the anabolic realm. But i wanted to get some veteran advice.

    Right now i'm age 21 6'1 195 lbs about 13% bf. I'm looking to EVENTUALLY be up around 220 really lean. With this first cycle I'm looking to bulk up hopefully 10-15 solid pounds. I've been lifting seriously for about 2 years. I started out at about 170 pounds so I've made some progress but I've hit a wall. my genetics are quite ****ty to say the least. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. For 10-15 pounds you could run a 6 week solo cycle of H-Drol and gain that no problem. With the right PCT and diet you can keep almost all of it too. Very lean gains.

  3. Yea i've run h-drol before with reversitol PCT and i did make some signifigant gains but I figured that I would try something different for now. I've got piles of H-drol laying around and figured that I can take that anytime. But while I have a source I might as well give some gear a try and see what I can squeeze out of it.

  4. well i can pretty much flush this cycle down the toilet. My source can only get me a mexican ugl (nova) i'm just not comfortable running vet ****. I guess its time to find a new source!

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