Is this gyno??

  1. Is this gyno??

    I currently have 2 weeks left on a 1T/4AD (topical spray) and 1,4 Andro (oral) stack.

    My nipples are sensitive to the touch. They do not itch nor is there any swelling or puffiness.

    Can anyone tell me if this is gyno or just some other mild reaction to the 1T/ 4AD spray that I spray on my chest (and other parts of my body)? I have stopped spraying on my chest to see if there is any difference and there is no difference.

    I have 100/10mg tablets of nolva if needed?

  2. Sensitive nips are not Gyno. This is going to be one of those cases where its a questions of paranoia or not. I mean if your really worried that it might progress into something then start taking Nolva now untill its subsides. Then again your nips just could be kinda sensative right now. I'd say any swelling or lumpyness start Nolva immediaetly. Its always better to be safe then sorry.

  3. This is not a minor sensitivity. They are very sensitive to touch. This is something that was not there before I started the cycle.

    Thank you for your response. I think I will take your advice and take the Nolva just to be safe.

    Will taking the Nolva have a negative effect on the results I will get on my last 2 weeks of my cycle?

  4. No, it will not hinder effects.

  5. how will nolva NOT hinder effects? maybe not very significantly, but considering IGF issues, as well as estrogen issues (estrogen does increase a # of strength factors etc.) i don't see how you can say this.

    you could say "not very significantly", but i don't see how nolva won't hinder effects of an androgen cycle.

  6. I know because i have ran over six different PH cycles and three AAS cycles, and it has never hindered my gains. We are talking real world results here. It will not hinder his results.

  7. I have to agree with sifu. While taking nolva on-cycle probably will hinder gains slightly on a scientific level, I honestly have never noticed a difference in gains. It will help with water retention too.

    This case here sounds like paranoia to me. I would not start taking the nolva unless you experience puffiness or lumpy tissue. It's really up to you though if you want to start, djlloyd. It's your body.

  8. again, i am talking about "significance". iow, by its very method of action, i don't see how nolva WON'T hinder gains, and I have seen other claim it DOES (n>1). to what extent it does (significance) is dependant on a host of factors.

    if it wasn't significant for you, that's good. Methinks low dose nolva will have a minimal effect, if even noticeable.

  9. I agree with Longdog and RLD. This is probably more paranoia than gyno. If you are shaving your chest and then applying the spray, your nipples will get tender as hell. Try a different application spot for a while and see if the problem subsides.


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