lowest possible dose of m1t

  1. lowest possible dose of m1t

    I'm looking into an M1T cycle for 2 weeks, but it's kinda hard to explain to your family how you put on 10 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks. So i was thinking 5mg's per day, wondering what you guys think

  2. 5 mg's might do something. i didn't respond to 10mg's in a week, so i bumped to 20mg/ed and felt the effects

  3. why do you have to explain the gain of ten pounds?....just eat alot and if they ask say you are training different..Hell m1t is totally legal so why does it matter.

  4. Lots of guys gain off 5mg. You won't be gaining 10lbs of muscle in 2 weeks from m1t, at least half of it will be water. I doubt anybody will notice a 5-10lb gain, unless your face is bloated or you walk around shirtless to show it off. Take some dandelion root to control the bloat, & you'll hold less water. You'll gain a little less overall weight & won't look bloated.

  5. good advice LD

  6. it's not like a heavy dbol/test cycle bro, you'll be fine with your family

  7. At 5mg the stuff leaned me out as it put about 7-9 pounds of lbm on so it wasn't all that outwardly noticable..except to me of course.

  8. haha, I put on 38lbs in one cycle and my family didnt notice

  9. holy **** 38 pounds what were you taking?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by dickwootton
    holy **** 38 pounds what were you taking?
    Jarconis is completely natural, he just eats a lot of Krispy Kremes. He's just a freakazoid!

    If anyone tells you differently, then they are lying. LOL!

  11. hehe, it was my first bulking cycle. enth/eq/dbol

  12. I'ma do m1t at 5 mg's for 2 weeks, see how it works and go with 6-oxo for post-cycle


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