Will one shot show up on drug test?

  1. Will one shot show up on drug test?

    I just started a cycle of Tren E, my first shot was yesterday. I might have a football tryout in a month which tests for Steriods, if I stopped now would my one shot's worth still show up?


  2. dunno the metabolite cutoffs, but according to various steriod bibles, tren shows up for months.

  3. tren and nandralone have metabolites that are recognizeable longer than test/epitest ratio discrepencies because of the missing C-19. Sooooo...looks like you're going to be trying out next year. Tren acetate you might've had a shot but I know of people getting nailed for oral 19-nor androstenediol metabolites quite some time afterward. They stick out like a sore thumb on tests because they're so rare in human urine that the threshold is very low.

  4. Alright good to know I guess. Thanks for the responses

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