T1pro question....

  1. T1pro question....

    From what i've seen over the last several months is several people doing T1pro with a 4 on / 4off/4on/ then off for a couple months. Does this seem to work better than a straight 6 weeker? My first PH cycle will be in a couple months and I'm just planning it out lengthwise. Thanks.


  2. I would just plan for 6 weeks, assess how you are doing at the end of week 4 and decide if you want to continue. Some people see gains come to a halt after 4 weeks, but others have good gains. It's something you will need to find out for yourself. Make sure you have Nolva if you run it for 6 weeks though.

  3. Ok. I'm waiting for the Nolva to arrive as we speak (er, post). I figured if I'm relatively happy with my gains by week 4, I may take 4 off to minimize any sides, then start up again for 4.
    If the sides aren't bad, and I do continue for 2 more weeks, do you think the shut-down will be any worse ?

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