HC's Trifecta Run

  1. HC's Trifecta Run

    OK so I am going to be running LG's Trifecta Stack starting Monday. I have been waiting to run this stack for a while now, but I had to wait till my PT test was done. Now that it is over with I can't wait to start destroying some weight! I will be logging my cycle here to help me keep track of my progress, so feel free to pop in here with any comments you guys might have.

    My workout will be as follows:

    Monday: Legs
    Squats 15X2(w/u)-10-8-6-4---Max is 275x2
    Deadlifts 10-8-6-4-2
    Leg press 10-10-8-6
    Leg press Calf press 20X4
    Standing Calf Raises 20X4
    Seated Leg curls 10X4
    Leg Ext 10X4

    BB bench 12X2(w/u)-10-8-8-6---Max BB bench is 245 want to add 5 pounds a week to this
    BB Incline 10-8-8-6
    BB Decline 10-8-8-6
    Cable Xover 4 sets to failure
    Cable Pressdowns over-hand straight bar- 10X4
    Cable Pressdowns w/Rope 10X4
    Seated Tri overhead press 10-8-8-6
    Triceps Ext 4 sets till failure

    Wednesday: PT/Off

    Thursday:Back/ Bi's
    Pull ups As many sets as it takes to get 30<---- I SUCK at these
    Low Cable Rows 15X2(w/u)-10-10-8-8
    One Arm DB Rows 10-10-8-8
    Straight Arm Lat Pressdowns 10X4
    BB curls 10-10-8-8
    Hammer curls 10X4
    Overhand EZ bar curls 10X4
    DB Preacher Curls 10X4

    Friday: Shoulders
    DB Military press 12X2(w/u) 10-8-8-6
    Lateral Raises 10-10-8-8
    BB Front Shrugs 8-8-6-6
    Seated DB Shrugs 12X4
    Cable Front Raises 8X4
    Rope Face Pulls 4 sets to failure

    Sat/Sun: Off

    My diet will be VERY strict. I will be shooting for 3500 cals/ day at least with at least 250g of protein/ day.
    I hope to gain about some LBM with this. I will be thrilled if I can hit 220 with this stack.
    I will be dosing the M1D and MM the same 1-1-1 for the first week,1-2-1 for the second, and 2-2-2 for the remainder of the run. I will also be stacking Anadrolic State GT with this for the whole thing (all the way through the PCT as well). If you have any questions or tips let me know. I appericate any advice you gus have to give. This is going to be a great run and I can't wait to get it started.

  2. 15lbs ? if you do gain that, it will be alot of fat and water.

    good luck.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    15lbs ? if you do gain that, it will be alot of fat and water.
    Why do you say that? Did you run this with poor results? From what I have read 10-15 pounds is not uncommon. Anybody else have any ideas on this?

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