Trying to help my boys...

  1. Trying to help my boys...

    Sup need some advice here.
    I work in a nightclub and about 90% of the doormen/bartenders are on juice which is fine with me.

    I'm probably the smallest guy there due to my height of about 6'5 and recent torn rot. cuff which brought my weight down to 205.

    Thing is I'm also easily the most educated.

    These guys have no idea what PCT is and are running 5 week winny/prop cycles with 3-4 weeks off. They alsodo railz and drink 3-4 ngihts a weeks while on but still seem to make reasonable gains.

    Problem is Post cycle they get all bitchy, bloated and lose muscle then go right back on.

    When I try to give adivce or tell them about this website I get laughed at.
    Should I even bother trying anymore?

    It's starting to piss me off but watching guys do these retarded cycles without PCT and doing drugs/drinking the whole while kills my conscience.

    One dickhead even had minor heart attack at age 24 after a 22 weeks cycle of prop/fina.


  2. If they dont listen, not much u can do bro
    Just help those who want to know:P

  3. Do a proper cycle yourself, with correct PCT, retain 90% of your gains, and prove them wrong.

  4. Whats funny is, alot of these guys do WAY more juice than most of us do, but since we eat right and train right, they call us juiceheads, isnt that funny.
  5. NE1
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    ...and if they are bigger, they probably wont pay much attention. Most bigger guys dont take advice from smaller guys...even if the smaller guy has had much better gains...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ivan Drago
    Do a proper cycle yourself, with correct PCT, retain 90% of your gains, and prove them wrong.

    hell ya.

    make sure you EAT


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