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    Hey guys...I posted in the cycle info part of the forum but got no replies so maybe you'll be able to help me out.

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 182 lbs @ 15% bf
    Working out for 1.5 yrs

    I'm doing my first clen cycle and this is how its going to go..i'm doing a total of 2 cycles. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off

    1st cycle:
    Day1: 20mcg
    Day2: 40mcg
    Day3: 60mcg
    Day4: 80mcg
    Day5: 80mcg
    Day6-Day12: 100mcg
    Day13: 80 mcg
    Day14: 60 mcg

    2nd cycle:
    Day1: 60mcg
    Day2: 80mcg
    Day3: 80mcg
    Day4: 100mcg
    Day5: 100mcg
    Day6-Day12: 120mcg
    Day13: 100 mcg
    Day14: 80 mcgs

    I will be supplementing this with 4g of taurine and 400mg of potassium daily.

    I will also be stacking this with 4mg of Yohimbine HCL daily.

    Nothing will be taken in the 2 weeks off.

    Diet will be 2500 cals (40% protein, 35% carbs, 35% fat).

    What'dya think?

  2. Clen Shuts Down the Thyroid???

    Read this post before you start using the Taurine.

  3. so you're saying I shouldn't supplement w/taurine? Why have all the ppl in the past done it then? I'm not sayin that it makes them right because everyone did it but rather what was the reasoning behind doing it initially?

  4. I've done it with and without Taurine and I couldnt tell any difference where fat loss was concerned but I could tell that with Taurine + K I had much less cramping

  5. thanks for that insight ironviking. I think i'll take my chances and go ahead with the Taurine. I'm not too fond of cramps

  6. Just drink more water, and potassuim works well.. I never used taurine with clen, but potassium helped with the cramps, along with 2gal. water daily..


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