H-drol or Trifecta?

  1. H-drol or Trifecta?

    just lookin for some input, i already ran trifecta back in january, and i'm looking to cycle again in may, anybody used both?which could i see more gains from?

  2. how much gains did you get with trifecta?

  3. the trifecta is not powerful anymore. I assume if you ran it in Jan you got it in Dec or Nov. That was Pre Ban. I would run H drol now.

    H drol isnt going to provide huge gains but it is good at burning fat. If you have ran a few cycles before I would run it 50/50/50/50 and stack it with something else.

    Or run it alone 50/75/75/75/75. Im stacking it with tren, any non meth should work well with it.

  4. i bought it after the ban, i prolly kept about 5lbs after the trifecta, not much noticable size difference either, just strength. i'm nott looking to put on a ton of size, i would like to lean out though.

  5. i gained zero, lost 2%bf. Good energy.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mamasboytay View Post
    i gained zero, lost 2%bf. Good energy.
    from what?


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