gear crash

  1. gear crash

    im wondering if anyone can help I purchased a universal kit with the oil and solution pre mixed, this is the first time im using a kit like this, I added my 10 grams of masteron heated shook heated shook till it was clear. when it cooled sown it started coming out of solution so I repeated and repeated but still some keeps coming out of solution. im thinking bout adding some more benzl benzoate but im not to sure.. plz someone help me fix my gear

  2. amazing if this was like 2 3 yrs ago bros would be all over this one with answers, whats going on around here

  3. this board is not what it used to be.

    the only advice i can give is baking it, but i assume it will still eventually fall out of suspension

  4. i did bake until clear but the hsit recrystalizes

  5. what are the ratios that you used?

    Whats the mg/ml?

  6. ummm...did you mean 1 gram? unless this is a HYOOge vial 10 grams is a **** ton of wonder you cant get it to stay in suspension.

  7. im going for 100mg/ml 100mils and yes 10grms of mast

  8. what are your ratios of BA/BB/oil?

  9. Heating is only a temporary fix. If it won't dissolve at room temperature then it won't hold hold at room temperature. In fact, for the most part, heating isn't even a necessary step in the brewing process, it just speeds things up.

    If it started crashing immediately as it cooled, then it wasn't holding well at all.

    Do you know the BB/BA/Oil ratio in the kit? Next time just buy the solvents individually and combine them yourself. I wouldn't trust some "kit", wouldn't be surprised if it used high BA, such as 5%. It's also easier if you dissolve the powder in the solvents first, and then add the oil.

  10. ^^^Agreed.

    Much easier to adjust things accordingly to how you want it. Alot of the kits out there are generically altered w/the BA/BB ratios. Not all compounds are the same when it comes to the ratios. As Liberatarian said, it could have a high BA ratio with certain kits, and this could become quite painful.

  11. i couldnt tell u the ratio of bb to ba all i know is that this finakit fast kit is fkin garbage and the dude matt who sells them hasnt answered my 2 emails and i have given him a week 2 do so, i thought maybe adding mor bb to the mix might hold it in solution better

  12. Adding bb is probably youre best bet. You may also want to add a CC or two of oil as well and reheat it.

    With the right ratios, Ive had masteron hold fine at 150mg/ml no problem.

  13. man my stuff looks like solid fat ima try adding bb to it and c wtf happens I appreciate any advice

  14. Solid fat? Are you sure your powder is legit?

  15. yea its legit

  16. Quote Originally Posted by BigNemo View Post
    yea its legit
    how are you sure?
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  17. i've been using the same source for a while and my buddies love their shyt never had this happen b4


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