Hairloss on Test.

  1. Hairloss on Test.

    I've posted a similar thread before, but it got trimmed by the board I'm pretty sure (did a search). I've got a friend that's looking to do a test. enan. cycle here pretty soon, and has been slowly losing hair naturally. Any ideas for combating it effectively enough to do a test. cycle? Is that even possible, since he's already losing it?
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  2. The spironolactone/Azelaic Acid + Minoxidil/Nizoral combination is the best as far as I know. If you are receptive to it, its very effective a regrowing hair and keeping your hair on your head when you're system has an abundance of androgens in it.

    The big thing to remember here is - if you stop using it, all the hair you grew back will continue to fall out, and it might be even worse if you did a cycle. For instance - I used the combo for about 4 months, and regrew a substantial amount of hair. I dropped my bottle of minoxidil on the floor and couldnt find a good souce, so I just quit for a while. Well, after about 2 months and a very stressful time in my life, I lost all the hair I had regrown. So if you're going to go for it, stay with it.

    Three things you should know -

    1.) is the BEST place to get this stuff. Its all pharmacutical grade and the shipping and service is top notch. Their products have other additives that make them even more effective.

    2.) Start it at least 2 months before you start your cycle. You'll shed hair for about a month when you first start using minoxidil, you dont want to compound the hair loss with extra DHT.

    3.)Its going to cost you about $50 a month

    Hope that helped.


  3. nizoral(mon wed fri), finasteride daily(1.5g), wash hair daily with nioxin

  4. massmongler, I think we do the exact same thing for hairloss. You splitting proscar tabs too?

    I don't use minoxidil b/c I don't like the fact that you lose all of the hair you maintained once you cease using it.

  5. Wouldnt you start losing hair if you discontinued proscar use? I like the minoxidil route because its not absorbed systemically (well, some of the azelaic acid is), and azelaic acid inhibits 100% of the DHT in the area that its applied to. I think with finasteride 60% of DHT still gets to the scalp.

    Ive never tried the Proscar route though, so if its working for you then thats awesome. At least you dont have to rub **** on your head 2x a day!

  6. I think finasteride IS Proscar.

  7. Yeah I know - sorry should have made that clearer - used both words interchangably in the same paragraph.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MF210
    massmongler, I think we do the exact same thing for hairloss. You splitting proscar tabs too?

    I don't use minoxidil b/c I don't like the fact that you lose all of the hair you maintained once you cease using it.
    MF, i dont split proscar tabs but rather i take finasteride in a liquid form daily.
    I heard good things about adovart, anyone else know much about it??

  9. Avodart isnt worth it from what I've read.

  10. I think that avodart is really expensive. The spiro/minoxidil/Nizoral method is proven and works in something like 85% of those who try it. I havent tried finasteride, but obviously it works for some as well.

  11. Besides,with avodart, I dont think one would really want to take out all the DHT in their bodies. My doctor is a very liberal, open minded kinda guy, and we were talkin about this kinda stuff, and he said some of his patients who had taken very strong anti-dht drugs like avodart and oral spiro, something like 90% developed gyno

  12. Sorry to bump this to the top but I just thought I would give my feelings on Avodart.
    I have been using since Feb of '03 and (with 5% minox) and it has done a very good job. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 7. I used proscar, 5% minox and %5 Spiro for YEARS and it did not have the same effect as Avodart and 5% minox. The prob. with Avo is that some people react badly to it. They lose a great deal of hair, so it is a gamble. And it is expensive but an Indian pharm. co. is coming out with a generic (it might be out already). If one of the research guys could get it in liquid form, cheap...."sigh"


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